The Importance of Accompanying Adaptation of Children When Having to Transfer Schools

Like adults who are anxious when moving to work or moving to a new place, children will also feel the same anxiety when moving to a new school. Trying to take lessons in school is hard. Moreover, adjusting to the environment and new friends. Come on, Mother, help the little one. In contrast to children who are about to take a new level of education, children who have just changed schools in the middle of the school year will probably feel more anxious. The child may worry whether his classmates and teacher are fun? Can he still play as before? It is important to accompany the child at this time because this may be his first transfer experience that will determine how he will deal with the coming transition period. Started Since the Period of School Transfer Preparation Before a child's anxiety is more overwhelming than excitement or curiosity, it's a good idea for Mother to help prepare the child for the new environment. If possible, it is better if the child changes scho
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